Get Booked on Top Rated Podcasts for Massive Exposure

  • Sell 10X More Books
  • Rapidly Grow Your Following
  • Become the #1 Authority in Your Space

How It Works

it’s like a blind date …

Step 1 – Strategy Call

We help clarify your ideal audience, compelling story, core message, & irresistible offer so you get the most from your guest appearances and convert listeners into buyers.

Step 2 – BIO Speaker Sheet

We create a powerful bio highlighting your ideal podcast guest qualities for the shows we hand-select. Have an existing bio? We will edit it to make it more podcast focused.

Step 3 – Pitch You to the Hosts

We reach out and pitch you to top-rated targeted podcast hosts that match your ideal audience. All follow-ups and questions from the hosts are handled by our team.

Step 4 – Get Booked on the Shows

Once we get an acceptance from a host we send you their booking link with all the details you need to be prepared and you choose the date and time that suits you.


You rock the mic, sell tons of books, rapidly grow your following and position yourself as the go-to person in your space! Success and happiness ensue.

Clients Have Appeared On Top Rated Shows Like …

Some Fun Facts

  • 73 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly
  • There are currently over 500,000 active podcasts
  • Podcast interviews convert 25 times better than blogs
  • 85 percent of listeners hear all (or most of) a podcast
  • $220 million was spent on podcast advertising in 2017
  • Traffic from podcast interviews converts at 25 to 50% visitor to lead
  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K

Look what Getting Featured did for them

Louie La Vella

Branding Expert

As a result of being on 45 podcast shows I am booked SOLID! I’m officially addicted.

Ari Zoldan

CEO, Quantum Networks

Getting featured on podcast shows is by far the quickest and most effective way to build brand recognition

Gregg Walker “The Big Dreamer”

Success Coach

Are you a big dreamer? Then I would highly recommend you to use Gefen Media and turn your big dreams into a massive reality!

Mark Jennison

Sales Performance Coach

Within just 4 hours of my interview released I sold an $897 training program. I’m looking forward to getting on a ton more shows. Thank you!

Our Epic Team

Daniel Gefen

Founder and CEO

Daniel is the #1 International Bestselling author of ‘The Self Help Addict & host of ‘Can I Pick Your Brain?’ which has reached over 150,000 downloads and ranked in the top 100 business podcasts in iTunes. He’s appeared on over 100 top rated podcasts & major publications. Daniel was also named the top 25 most influential influencer by Influencive. After realizing the power of podcasts he launched his 6th child: Gefen Media Group.

Fun fact about Daniel: He eats eggs and baked beans for breakfast everyday.  

Steven Safak

Director of Operations

Steven has 7 years of experience helping businesses scale. Before joining Gefen Media Group he administered the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the world. He has an uncanny way of systematizing everything to the death and is responsible for making sure our clients are serviced at an elite level.

Fun fact about Steven: His first job was a close up magician.

Kristi Brown

Executive Relationships Manager

Kristi is a high energy, extremely driven, people loving, passionate, and an out-of-the-box-thinker. With 14 years of successful experience in account management and online marketing she’s never afraid to initiate game-changing, innovative strategies and always looks for the possibilities in every situation. Her belief is that while we are living in an “instant, online world”- the art of building personal relationships will always be invaluable.

Fun fact about Kristi: She has been to 57 countries in her lifetime. And has a goal of visiting a total of 120 countries before she turns 80.  

Cameron Herold

Advisor / Ambassador

Cameron has built $100 Million companies and been dubbed “The man executives turn to for business advice” by CNN. He also happens to sit on the board of our company.

Fun Fact about Cameron: He has one of his books sitting on Richard Branson’s book shelf

Ari Meisel

Advisor / Ambassador

Ari has been called “The Most Efficient Man Alive”. He helps people optimize, automate, and outsource everything in their lives to become more effective.

Fun fact about Ari: He was able to do the impossible and cure Crohn’s disease.

Naveen Jain

Advisor / Ambassador

Naveen is one of the most humble Billionaires you will meet. He is the founder of Viome, Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, iNome, TalentWise, Intelius, and Infospace.

Fun Fact about Naveen: He plans on creating the first community on the moon.

“The best and brightest influencers know that podcasts are the wave of the future”

“Major Brands Are Betting Big on Podcasts”

“Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom—and that boom is only getting louder”