Once I know what my story and message is it’s time to search for the best contributor who is most likely to want to publish it.

Every contributor is different. They write about different topics, have different personalities, writing styles, likes and hobbies etc

The goal now is for me to find the best match for what i’m writing about.

To do this I go onto the Forbes website and do a search using keywords that match the topic I am writing about.


For me the keywords I used were: Authenticity, Leadership and Storytelling


A bunch of articles showed up written by a number of different contributors. I then went through several of them to see which ones I thought would be a good fit.

The one that stood out for me was a guy by the name of Kevin Kruse

Kevin writes often and consistently about leadership.  He also recently wrote about someone who I had on my podcast show (conveniently for me) 🙂

He’s also a podcaster and runs his own business so we instantly have something in common.

Kevin seems to be a great fit.


OK so now I have my ideal contributor I need to draft up my email …


Look out for my next post where i’ll share the exact method of writing the email and what it looks like when I finish writing it …


We’re one step closer to getting featured in Forbes 🙂


Daniel Gefen

Co- Founder


Daniel Gefen