Ok so for the very first step of getting myself featured in Forbes I needed to get clear on what I wanted to get featured about.

I needed to get crystal clear what my unique message I wanted to share with the world is.

Perhaps more importantly was WHY I wanted to share this message.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”


I dug deep and asked myself some tough questions:


“What gives me an enormous amount of drive”

“What do I want to be remembered by when I leave this world?”

“What message do I want to pass on to my children”

“What can I speak about for hours naturally.”

“What did I struggle with that I have come to master over time?”

“Who is my biggest inspiration and why?”


As I started answering these questions I came to an intensely deep sense of ‘who I am’ and ‘what i’m here to do’

For me the story of my grandfather is the most inspiring story.


My grandfather was shot and buried alive, hung twice, nearly gassed and other crazy miracles of survival.

He watched his parents and siblings all get shot dead in front of him.

Yet he kept going.

He built a family and because he never gave up, because he refused to give in … i’m alive today.

The thing is that my grandfather never spoke about his story. He never shared his powerful message with the world. He could have transformed the lives of thousands if not millions.

When he died he took his story with him. Or so he thought.

He didn’t know that one of his grandchildren would stand up tall and carry his message to the world.

My mission is to help people Find their Voice, Share their Story and Leave their Legacy.


Don’t leave your story untold. Don’t die without leaving your legacy.



What’s yours?


Daniel Gefen

Co- Founder


Daniel Gefen